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FPV, Acro, Flips… and crash

Yesterday I received two new battery packs, so it was time for flying again. Charged the batteries, packed all the stuff and on the go 🙂

I got over 10min with the first 1300mAh Zippy 40C battery flying FPV. The last two batteries were for Acro training, as I am not so good, yet 🙂 Making flips and so on, I crashed with the last battery pack. The crash was with full speed and the one rear arm got broken. Sure the hole for the cables is a weak point, but this is also the first arm broken for an year. But I will think about using 4mm carbon instead of the 3mm. Anyway, wanted to share this experience and two pictures too: before and after the crash.


Short FPV flight and a broken FPV antenna

The weather was perfect today, so I decided to go for an FPV flight in the morning. Packed my FPV Quad, FatShark goggles, Transmitter and two battery packs and went to the field.

Sadly, after the first one minute flying I didn’t manage well the speed of descending and got a small crash. The propeller hit the FPV antenna of the ImmersionRC Transmitter and broke it. That was all with the FPV flying today. Then I flew just for fun making flips and so on 🙂

Quick info about the flight: 10:30min with one Zippy 1300mAh 25C battery (AUW including GoPro Hero3 is 485g). At home I charged again 1211mA. Here is the short video of the flight:

…and a picture of the broken 5.8Ghz FPV antenna 🙂


Quadcopter after the crash

Today I had some awesome moments flying aggressively my quadcopter. However it crashed… or to be more clear: I crashed it. Here is a picture of my quadcopter after the crash. Time to start developing more durable frame 🙂