USB flash drive for Android and PC/Mac

Recently I saw one very nice USB flash drive, that I could use with my Android smartphone without using an OTG cable. I have never heard the manufacture, named EAGET. The price for 16GB and the ability to copy/read files to/from any Android smartphone was attractive and I bought one from Aliexpress. The flash drive arrived in about 2 weeks, which is pretty fast for packages from China.

The stick is very nice and already replaced my 16GB Transcend USB flash drive. It is an USB 3.0 flash drive. I only tested it on my old laptop, which does not support USB 3.0. So I cant give you data about reading/writing on USB 3.0.


The flash drive works perfect with my HTC One X too. You just need to enable the OTG functionality on your smartphone. Here are some more photos of the package and the flash drive itself.