Automatic proxy configuration in Chrome

Sometimes there is a need to use a proxy server for a webpage, that cant be opened outside of a country. In my case there are few Bulgarian web pages like the vbox7 video portal. I don’t want to change my proxy settings every time I need to open that page, so I use an automatic proxy configuration in my current browser Chrome. This how-to works just fine with Firefox and Internet Explorer too.

Open the Settings tab in Chrome and click on “Show advanced settings…”. Now under “Network” click on the button “Change proxy settings…”.


You should see the window “Internet Properties”. It is actually the one from Internet Explorer. Click on “LAN Settings”.


In the newly opened window “Local Area Network (LAN) Settings” check the box “Use automatic configuration script” and enter this line: file:///C:/Chrome/proxy.pac

Now download the proxy.pac config script and copy it to C:\Chrome. If you want to place the file elsewhere, just change the line in the LAN Settings window.

The last step is to edit the proxy.pac file with simple editor like Notepad. Change the site you want to visit using a proxy and the settings for the proxy server itself like IP-Address and Port number and save changes.

That’s it.