Disable the safety switch on Pixhawk

On Pixhawk and all other flight controllers based on the PX4 board (like the HKPilot32x or the AUAV X2) you should press the safety switch button before arming. As this is a safety feature it is recommended that it is enabled. But if for some reason you wish to disable the safety switch function before arming the board, you can do this in Mission Planner.

Open MissionPlanner, connect the Pixhawk and go to the “Config/Tuning”-Tab. Then click on the “Full Parameter List”. On the right side there is a “Find”-button. Click and type safety. You should get this result:


Change the value from “1” to “0” and then click on “Write Params”. That is it. Now you can use your Pixhawk board carefully without the safety switch.