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Naze32 Acro to Naze32 Full

Back in September last year I wrote about the Naze32 Acro that I bought from HobbyKing. I hoped they will offer the full Naze32 version with the MS5611 barometer and HMC5883L magnetometer, but this didn’t happen. This full version is even not available on the developers website. There are retailers, that sell the board for 55 – 60 € in Europe. The acro version cost me only 22 € including shipping. So I decided to upgrade my Naze32 Acro to Naze32 Full.

The MS5611 barometer and HMC5883L magnetometer cost about 10$ incl. shipping from Aliexpress.com.

  • HMC5883L Magnetometer from GY-271 Board and even use the capacitors later on the Naze32.

Needed capacitors (μF – Micro farad).

  • 1x 4.7μF
  • 1x 0.22μF
  • 3x 0.1μF

Needed tools: Heat gun/Hot air gun, tweezers, hands free item holder and a solder paste.


Before you start it is not bad to download the datasheet for the MS5611 and for the HMC5883L. Check out these datasheets to see where is the Pin1 on the downside. On the picture below you can find how to position the sensors and the capacitors (open the original file for better resolution, not the thumbnail).


How to do it: put very small amount of solder paste on the empty pins of the board, position the parts on the board and apply heat with the hot air gun on the downside of the board. It took me about 20 – 30 seconds on 450 C to melt the solder paste. It is a bit tricky to place all this small sensors and caps right, but that is how it is with SMD. If you have done everything right, now you have upgraded your Naze32 Acro to (almost*) full Naze32 for about 10 $.


* On the full version there is SPI flash memory too. As far as I know this is not used yet.

Update 12.03.2015: Well as the Cleanflight firmware gets updated, now there is an option for saving some flight data (Blackbox). The needed flash chip is the 25P16VP (same as on the OpenPilot CC3D). Here is a link to the datasheet.

Update 09.06.2015: If you think the soldering of the sensors is not for you, there is a bit cheaper Naze32 Full here.